Thelma and Louise go rafting

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Thelma and Lousie (AKA media warriors Steph Florian and Laurie Logan) hit the road on a rafting playcation in the new 2015 Ford Focus. About a two hour drive to Yale, BC deep into Sasquatch Country – Steph and Laurie are not only adventure loving tree huggers, keen on saving the planet but they love Ford Focus features like the Eco Boost and fuel economy. Zippy and fun, the ride to Yale was an adventure in itself.

It wasn’t until we settled into The Teague House B&B onsite at Fraser River Raft Expeditions that we learned firsthand from owners Darwin and Sue that the house was an original BC built home, The Teague Family is said to still live in the house and stands now more like a museum than a traditional Bed and Breakfast. With over ten significant ghost sightings, Steph, Laurie and Camera guy Rob decide to chicken out and snuggle up together to shake off the spooks.

Fraser River Raft Expeditions takes us up river in a big yellow school bus. We gear up and spend some time with the guides going over safety, etiquette and paddling commands. The starting point of our full day rafting excursion starts at Spences Bridge, just a short drive from the town of Lytton.  Dry bags are provided for items like cell phones and valuables but water is not so be sure to take plenty of H20 with you – it’s a long day and you will get parched. About 45 minutes down river, we stop for a delicious and fresh lunch before packing in a good 4 hour ride down river. Educated, skilled, witty (handsome) guides make the trip so much more fun. You may not know anyone other than your trip buddy before you go, but by the end of the trip the camaraderie established by sharing the adventure together makes rafting with Fraser River Raft Expeditions so much fun.

Watch the video here and enter to win your own Fraser River Raft adventure for two.

Lunch is served….


What a day! Rafting is a BC summer bucket list not to be missed. To book a Fraser River Raft Expedition phone 1-800-363-7238 or email 


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