Our Top 10 Outdoorsy Halloween Costumes

BOO! Halloween Eve is fast approaching and if you have yet to nail down your spirit wear, we are laying down our top outdoorsy costume choices of all time. Get crafty and add your own flair to any of our suggestions. Hashtag #AdventureOn and #PlayOutdoors on Instagram and show your love for the great outdoors! Happy Halloween

1. Sasquatch
2. A lost Hiker (a la WILD)
3. Lumberjack
4. Bobledder (Don’t forget the spandex!)
5. 80’s Skier
6. Grizzly Bear
7. Zombie Snowboarder or Mountain Biker
8. Hippie Tree Hugger
9. Forest Gnome
10. Forest Ranger


About the author  ⁄ Stephanie Florian

Founder and fearless leader Play Outdoors Media Inc. TV and radio host, adventure journalist, surfer chick, Mom I'd like to rip with.

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