Celebrating Abundance at Cornucopia: Finding Balance

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“Take a deep breath and embrace yourself as you take your next movement forward”. Evolve Cellars

One thing I learned today at the Cornucopia Nourish Retreat is that in an ideal world, wellness is number one. We should be following an 80/20 rule and enjoying everything in moderation. Although this rule favors a pure diet and lifestyle, the other side of balance is about saying yes to the things that bring us pleasure. Two of my biggest weaknesses and favourite indulgences are fine wine and rich, stinky cheese. In reality I live closer to 40/60 ratio so it is a clear reminder that my own personal stats could really use some tweaks and adjustments.

To compensate for the good time I had last night at the House Party, Best of BC Cornucopia kick off party, I set off through Whistler village to a yoga class at Yama Yoga studio. Yoga is how I reset my body, mind and spirit. Sharing a studio space and a multi-day experience like the Nourish Retreat with a group of new women is true abundance. We all came here to shed, to celebrate and to enjoy what we love most including food, wine, Whistler and good-company.

Just like anything in life, aging gracefully includes making healthy choices. We need to embrace this process, to honour and nourish ourselves from the inside out. Raw foods, sleep, exercise, getting out into nature, our relationships and even our homes play a part in our complete nourishment. It’s about balance and choices at Cornucopia and everyday. The Cornucopia Nourish Retreat allows me to satisfy my cravings but also to heal, to nourish and to briefly escape the routines of everyday life. Let’s go celebrate Cornucopia style and do it all over again tomorrow. Cin Cin.




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    November 10, 2015

    I really like this article Steph. Really enjoyed the read and revelation. Thank you.

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