Celebrating Abundance at Cornucopia: Crush

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No matter where you are, who you are with or the occasion, there is always a glass of Evolve to change, grow, succeed, and celebrate with you.

There are so many ways to celebrate abundance at Cornucopia but one of my favourites is the opportunity to meet and mingle with new people.

Ten beautiful women, each with her own story came together to experience the Cornucopia Nourish Retreat. My most powerful instances of courage, faith, trust and inspiration come only when I put myself out there and Cornucopia is no different. Sharing in the beauty of our alpine surrounding, I face any fears, I go with the flow and I allow the whole of the Cornucopia experience to unfold. It’s not until day three of our retreat that I become aware of the scope of what is happening within our group. Experiencing each event together has laid foundation for new friendships and bonds.

Less is more when it comes to a retreat. Attending alone or with a close friend truly does open the doors to vulnerability. If you prefer quieter, smaller gatherings I highly suggest taking in a Chef’s Table Luncheon on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. They are Cornucopia game-changers in my opinion. Any event that takes you into the Whistler wild on a tour bus to a private alpine estate to explore carefully paired wines and a multi-course food fantasy is pure abundance and joy. To cozy up fireside, experience the marriage of the chef and the sommelier is bliss. A Traditional First Nations Longhouse Dinner with our small Cornucopia Nourish group set the stage for an intimate evening ahead. Celebrating our Canadian history over traditional foods is a ceremony in itself. Fresh bannock, Salmon on the wooden plank, bannock bread pudding, we raise our glasses to the Squamish Li’Wat First Nations people.

The CRUSH Gala Grand Tasting was the perfect opportunity to discover new wines and a golden opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow wine and Whistler lovers.

The people, the wine-pairings and the finest of foods all came together in Whistler, nature’s epic playground. I’ve had a crush on wine, Whistler and beautiful people for a long time but today it feels like first love. My Cornucopia crush isn’t over yet.

Stephanie Florian and Rebecca Bollwitt share their Cornucopia Nourish Experience at Crush. Watch the video here 

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