Celebrating Abundance at Cornucopia: Whistler Bliss

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There is no other singular thing in the world that connects me with my true self than to be outdoors in nature. I am beholden to the majestic power, beauty and strength of the mountains and to the forests that ground me and give me nourishment. They awaken my enthusiasm for life. Merina Koly states it beautifully, “nature makes no mistake”. Everyday we plant seeds of personal growth and nature is living proof that we are all in this together. For me, Whistler is the place where I can turn inward. Whether snowboarding on 7th Heaven or hiking in solitude around Lost Lake, I am grounded here in Whistler. A walk in nature helps me to focus, to be calm and clear about my intentions. Funny how Mother Nature speaks loud and clear when I tune in and listen.

We group in the morning at the Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre where the journey began. I recall the smudging ceremony, our First Nations ceremonial release of negative thoughts in order to make way for new beginnings and possibility. We had not even met one another when we shared this intimate ritual. After just four days with ten amazing women, many things have come to light for me. November has never been my favourite month. This November, this Cornucopia I feel change. Awakened and shining brightly, I look forward to the winter days ahead.

Kimberley Sysmanski a Whistler local, nature lover and herbalist led us down and around the Lost Lake trails. She taught us about the powers of the Whistler ecosystem and a thing or two about the plants and foliage native to Whistler. We quietly enjoyed the fresh air and new friendships. This community of women shared by day with ease our greatest fears and challenges and also celebrated our strengths, desires and truths, over fine wines and feasts of fancy. This retreat experience not only sealed my heart, my light and my true self, but it has further awakened me to the magic of Whistler. We come together, we expose ourselves emotionally by burning our expectations and fears lakeside and we continue to evolve and grow.



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