Christmas Adventures: Peak of Christmas

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Did I go to Grouse Mountain or step into a scene of a Christmas movie, that was the question I kept asking myself as I wandered through the Peak of Christmas. Whoever did the decorations for this, nailed it. As if the scenery up on Grouse Mountain isn’t amazing enough, the Peak of Christmas took it to a whole other level. It really looked like a scene of North Pole straight out of a movie.

By far my favourite part was the Light Walk. I’m going to try to describe it but this does not even do it justice, it’s really something you just have to see for yourself. They decorated a path with all white lights. It was like walking through an enchanted forest. In some areas the lights were scattered and simple and in others you were surrounded by nothing but white lights. The tunnel made out of lights at the beginning is so beautiful that my friend was convinced it will be a marriage proposal hotspot – and with so any men out there looking for ideas this time of year, this is the most magical place to propose to the woman of your dreams. I went on a Wednesday night it was happily not too crowded.

Another part that looked like it came straight out of my TV screen was the gingerbread houses. They had the details and extravagance of one that could have been built a Food Network cake competition. One Vancouver themed cake even had a Science World and Lions Gate Bridge. My taste buds were watering at the sight and at one point I was tempted to pick a candy off and eat it….but I didn’t. Shhhhhh.

I highly suggest visiting this if you aren’t in the holiday spirit yet, it will definitely do the trick.

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