Auto Review: Chasing Fun in the All New 2016 Toyota Prius

Spending a day sitting pretty behind the wheel of the all new 2016 Toyota Prius has changed my perspective on what how an ‘adventure’ ride should look, feel and drive. Many outdoorsy types like me tend to stereotype adventure vehicles as large and in charge with off-road capability but perhaps this theory is stale and should be challenged.

As the first car company to put the hybrid on the map, Toyota has the leading edge on its competition and this owns the bragging rights. The most iconic car in the green category to date, one can assume that the 2016 model has all the bells and whistles and then some. As far as we adventurers are concerned, the need to go green comes with the territory. You can’t really be a true outdoor enthusiast without having some degree of passion for our planet. Who wants to be guzzling gas and spending a fortune on getting to your adventure destination? Rather we prefer to do the environment some due diligence, save the planet and our dough for new gear and good times. We can then sit back and enjoy the zippy, emissions-free Prius ride for all it’s worth.

If you do prefer a little dash of flash with your adventure, you’ll be delighted to know that the Prius has you dialed. From it’s sleek aerodynamic exterior design, fog and LED lights and high tech features, the 2016 Prius has reset the benchmark for hybrid vehicles.

Buy in at 26K for the standard entry-level Prius or go big with either the Touring or Technology models. Go ahead and surrender to all of Toyota’s 2016 snazzy add-ons and options. With so many of them to love, I narrowed it down to the ones that really got my attention. They are the wireless charging dock, slick white center console and state-of-the art Toyota Safety-Sense features.

Experiencing the new self-park and parallel park assist technology firsthand was a lot to grasp but with practice and trust this feature became a commodity. I can promise that after spending a day chasing fun in the all new 2016 Prius, this go-green hybrid can handle our wildest west coast adventures and then some.

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