Finding stillness glamping at Wya Point Resort

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Life can feel like a treadmill. The daily grind of everyday living in the big city can take a toll on our spirits, especially near the tail end of winter. Take the time to check out of the work-life hustle and to check inward. Make a date with yourself to leap off the treadmill, to regroup and recharge.

Camping is the ideal way to push the reset button, although the unpredictable west coast weather is not for everyone, not even the most adventuresome. Eco resorts like Wya Point in Ucluelet on Vancouver Island offer a dazzling alternative. It’s called glamping, AKA glamorous camping. A soul-filled getaway to Wya Point Resort on the edge of the Pacific Rim is both character building and raw.

We made the trip in a new 2016 Platinum Ford Explorer, the ultimate storm trooper and perfect west coast road companion. Storm watching on the west coast of Vancouver Island and glamping in a yurt requires a fair amount of gear and the Explorer is roomy enough to fit the whole crew and then some. Sailing over the coastal waters on BC Ferries is all part of the playcation getaway experience and even big kids like myself enjoy a good old fashioned White Spot Pirate Pack every once in while. In just under two hours we wheeled off the ramp and the road trip to Ucluelet began.

Whether it’s your first time or you are a seasoned tripper to the Tofino-Ucluluet area is no matter, as every trip is always one-of-a-kind.   As you approach the Tofino-Ucluelet junction, stop and check in at the visitor’s center to pick your yurt keys, maps and resort instructions before heading towards the Wya Point Resort turn off from the Pacific Rim Highway. Taking the dirt road down to the ocean front yurts feels like you are dropping off the radar. Rustic and remote, once off the main road you are in for an adventure with nature. You will be forced to unplug. The Wya Point Resort website doesn’t give that much information so part of the whole glamping experience is trusting in the unknown. Prepare to dress and layer for the wild weather and elements. This time of year the weather is a smorgasborg and you will only be happy if you are warm and dry. The rest however, the resort will look after. Located on 600 acres of private beach, Wya Point Resort and campground is an oasis right smack in the heart of our very own rainforest. Originally a village site of the Ucluelet (Yu-klew-ith-aht) First Nation people, prepare to connect to the aboriginal west coast style and traditions. Perfect for couples, families, friends or solo wilderness missions, Wya Point is a rustic surfside getaway everyone will enjoy.

The yurts are insulated and warmer than you might expect but the key is to pack all the appropriate gear. Since there are no fridges in the yurts, bring a cooler to store your perishables. Cutlery, plates, cups and utensils are provided, as is a gas BBQ but camp stoves and coolers are not.

Wya Point Resort staff come by on a daily basis to make sure your yurt’s water supply, propane, generator and flashlight batteries are good to go. That is the glamorous part of the glamping experience. The camping part of glamping at Wya Point includes walking with your resort provided bath towels to the communal toilets for a toothbrush, pee or shower on a dark and stormy night…or doing your dishes camp style with the basin and dish soap provided. Whether it’s a deluxe lantern, flashlight, duvet, drinking water or a wood stove…Wya has you covered. No need to schlep sleeping bags or blankets, just essentials like cards, a good book, wine, matches and food. After a good day storm watching, hiking or exploring, you won’t have much steam left. When you slow down and surrender to the pace at Wya Point Resort you realize that less IS more and the whole glamping experience is really about winding down and letting nature do the work. You just need to sit back, relax and let it all go.

As you lay tucked into your cozy yurt, listen to the thrashing and crashing of nature outside your door. Wake up to the beauty that surrounds. Wya Point is a private resort so loaded with adventure there’s no need to wander far. From storm watching to beach combing, hiking, meditation and outdoor yoga…you’ll want to enjoy every peaceful moment of the roaring, raging sea and waves that call for your undivided attention. Playing in the surf even in the heart of winter is part of the experience, unless of course the surf report is calling for 24-foot waves with 3-second intervals. If not, hit up Ucluelet’s very own Relic Surf Shop for lessons or rentals. Choose from small yurts that sleep up to three people or large yurts that sleep four to five people. During peak season (June 26 to October 11) bookings require a two night minimum stay but from October 12 to June 25 no minimums are required. For pricing and glamping bookings click HERE

Expand your mind, your body and your spirit winter glamping at Wya Point Resort and get ready to fall in love with everything from the rain to the pounding surf, to the rustic glam accommodations, scenery and solitude. The weather on the west side of the island is always an adventure but the upside of every storm is the calm and peace that settles in after the storm has passed. Just like in life, when things gets stormy, go with the waves. Book a trip to Ucluelet and choose to tune-in. Glamping at Wya Point Resort is a made in BC road trip adventure you won’t soon forget. When you need a vacation from the vacation or a taste of civilization, just take a ten-minute drive down the road to the town of Ucluluet and enjoy a pint and some home cooked food with other locals at favourite’s like the Gray Whale Deli or Howler’s Family Restaurant.

Savor the sensation of rejuvenation and transformation after a winter glamping adventure at Wya Point Resort and stay off that treadmill when you return to reality.

Here’s an aerial drone view of Wya Point Resort that will leave you awe-inspired and ready for your next seaside adventure.

Glamping in the heart of storm season makes comforts like the luxury interior of the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum just that much more appealing and inviting. You can relax when passing other vehicles on single lane Vancouver Island roads knowing that the Blind Spot Information System provides an audible caution alert re oncoming traffic. This is a safety bonus when you are travelling to your remote eco resort during a west coast storm. The Powerfold Third Row Seat can fold at your convenience to accommodate glamping gear like coolers and surf boards. We also love the Dual Panel Moonroof to get you into the mood for storm watching as you make the drive to Ucluluet. All and all, we are happy to report that the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum is built tough and will get you through the wildest of wild BC storms and seasons and pumped up for your next outdoor adventure or getaway.

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