Whistler Apres: Cooling – off in the Bearfoot Bistro Ketel One Ice Room


There is no better way to cool off in Whistler post outdoor adventure than bundling up in an iconic Canada Goose parka and stepping inside the Ketel One Ice Room. Located inside the Bearfoot Bistro, the Ketel One Ice Room is the coldest permanent sub-zero vodka room in Canada! Be sure to sign up ahead of time as space is limited and the experience itself is an intimate one.

Ideally the experience is best done with a small a group of friends. We suggest a foursome, as body heat can be one’s only saving grace when sipping vodka in -32C temps while you are trying to handle the cold and make the experience last as long as humanly possible. Although the $48 price tag per person does include an informational on the specifics of distillation and filtration, you’ll want to cut straight to chase…4 vodka shots of your very own choosing and as many selfies as your phone will handle before shutting down from the cold. (It truly does happen, so be sure to snap away all your photos at the front end of your experience).

Phone the Bearfoot Bistro in advance at 604.932.3433, as this is a Whistler bucket list adventure on many a tourist and local’s list. You don’t want to be disappointed, so do book ahead. It’s a popular apres- adventure worth every penny…. even just for the photos alone. Gloves and toques are not provided and highly recommended. Nostrovia!

For more information http://bearfootbistro.com/the-experience/

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