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Whether you are a seasoned weekend wave-warrior or a newbie braving your bucket list, surfing is a sport that everyone must try at least once in a lifetime. The West Coast of Vancouver Island boasts some of the best beaches and surf breaks in the country. Tofino, BC is a famous cold water paradise and home to surf-in-surf-out Pacific Sands Beach Resort …the best in beach bliss.

Since the 60’s, catching waves has been considered not just cool but a sub-culture. Secondly, it’s a rush. Surfing is much harder than it looks to master and thus, humbling. So, let go of the outcome and really enjoy the ride. If you are ever to succeed in catching your first wave you must be open, brave and willing to laugh at your own failures, which are a big part of learning to surf. The bails and wipeouts are all part of the fun. Plan a get-away this summer and indulge. Treat yourself and your soul to a seaside escape for some well deserved “Tofino time”.

To become a wave-warrior, water time is key and there only so many hours in a day. Transporting yourself and your board to and from the beach does not count as water time but can take up a lot of your surf vacation. There are many exceptional beaches in Tofino but a gem of a surf spot is Cox Bay. Consistent, secluded and more intimate than other Tofino beach breaks like Long Beach or Wick, Cox Bay is your best option if you have a choice. Splurge on luxury surfside accommodation at Pacific Sands Beach Resort, the ultimate in cool and convenient. Choose between oceanfront suites or beach houses depending on your budget. My favourite is a beach house. These two level, 1340 sq. ft. seaside surf accommodations are a dream come true to any surfer or ocean lover. A full kitchen, all the entertainment bells and whistles including HD TV, DVD and iPod docks, a fireplace where you can warm up after peeling off your wetsuit, even a corner soaker tub to soothe those aching paddling muscles. The beauty of staying at a beach resort like Pacific Sands is the surf in-surf-out convenience. Sleeping only steps away from the surf break, guests spend their vacation actually focused on what they came for…surfing. Your dreamy beach house is a near stone’s throw from the coastline. With wetsuit rinsing stations, a soaker tub, hot showers and fresh towels at your fingertips post surf, you’ll think you’ve gone to surf heaven.

Why choose this.

Typically, a Tofino surf session goes something like this: Wake up VERY early to get your gear together or rent from a local outfitter, drive to Cox Bay, park, suit up, walk down the very long trailhead to the beach break, catch a few waves, pee in your wetsuit, survive on a power bar so you don’t miss any waves. Stay as long as you can, get out of the surf, walk back down the trail, get out of your wetsuit and booties, store them in the back of your car and crank up the heat to warm your toes while you drive back to civilization. Possibly repeat again for a late afternoon, early evening surf session.

When you can choose this…

Wake up in your Pacific Sands Beach Resort ocean sanctuary surrounded by the sights, sounds and smell of the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy a hot java in your comfy beach robe while you analyze the surf. Sneak in a quiet outdoor mediation or yoga session either on the beach on your deck overlooking the beach. Set some serisouly tubular intentions for your day ahead. Whip up a breakfast of surf champions in your beach house deluxe kitchen. Now nutritionally fuelled, suit up and hit the surf. Your beach house is always within a bird’s eye view from the lineup. You can take a late morning break to run inside, pee, check your email or change your GoPro battery. Surf all day long knowing you have not far to go and all the time in the world to wait for the next set of waves. Meet a few new friends in the line-up and invite them over for a fire pit and BBQ in the gazebo. Unwind post surf with a cold brew on your deck, contemplating your state of bliss. Call work and tell your boss you are taking the rest of the week off.

Talk about surf-in surf-out convenience… Pacific Sands Beach Resort has a Surf Sister location right onsite! That means you can book a lesson or rental just steps from your beach house. Not just for girls, Surf Sister offers group, private and semi-private lessons and even surf camps for all ages and abilities. There is no better way to learn to surf than with fun, passionate Surf Sister instructors.

Après surf is to die for in the Tofino area and it just so happens that the popular Wildside Grill is opening a new Surfside location onsite at Pacific Sands on July 1, 2016. That means real surf grub like fresh seafood tacos will soon be available just steps from the swell. We highly recommend venturing out of your dream beach house for a few culinary and craft beer adventures. Try the Kale Stout or a tasting flight at Tofino Brewing Company and then hit up a downtown eatery like Shelter Restaurant for their famous seafood curry and apple pie. Nothing tastes better after playing in salt water than some fresh seafood grub.

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The ocean is both a sanctuary and a playground offering unlimited healing powers. Every West Coaster must experience the thrill of riding a wave at least once. However, this does come with a warning. Surfing is addictive. Once you catch your first ‘real’ wave, the blue crush begins and there is no looking back. You soon find yourself aching to become a surfer ‘Dude’ or ‘Betty’. Take my advice and try it… but in style of course with the luxury and convenience of surf-in-surf-out accommodation.

This surf trip is Fuelled by Guru Good Energy 

Surf Trip Essentials: Bigger IS Better

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When it comes to choosing a ride for a surf trip bigger is better. Surfboards and adventure gear require space and lots of it. Thick, cold-water wetsuits, booties and gear have to be stored somewhere. You’ll also need room in your ride for your surf crew buddies because the more the merrier when it comes to chasing waves.

We fell in love with the souped-up 2016 Ford F 150 Limited. The insanely roomy passenger cab is so plush, spacious and comfy you won’t believe you are sitting in the back seat of a pick-up truck. Seats in the passenger cab flip up easily to reveal a full size storage compartment and that’s in addition to the flatbed. Both cabs easily accommodate the big guys so pack’em in boards and all. With a Twin Panel Moonroof it’s like driving the Pacific Rim forest in a fish bowl surrounded by ocean and giant Sitka spruce trees. Now crank up some surf stoke music on the F150 Limited’s sound system, a sure-fire way to get in the mood for an epic surf session. One of our favorite features on the F150 Limited is the step down platform that automatically drops down/folds up when a door is opened. Girls, kids and even Grandma might need a boost into this big bad ride. A big thank you to Ford for designing this feature with surfers in mind. ..front seat massages! Just in case those paddling muscles are in knots, both driver and front seat passenger can enjoy a soothing massage with adjustable settings.

Whether your adventure ride is long distance or short, both comfort and fuel consumption are key. The 35L V6 EcoBoost is not just good on fuel, it’s great! The Ford pick-up has come a long way baby. Thank you Ford for the F150 Limited, the ultimate ride for adventure lovers.

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