Surf Trip Essentials: Ford F150 Limited


When it comes to choosing a ride for a surf trip bigger is better. Surfboards and adventure gear require space and lots of it. Thick, cold-water wetsuits, booties and gear have to be stored somewhere. You’ll also need room in your ride for your surf crew buddies because the more the merrier when it comes to chasing waves.

We fell in love with the souped-up 2016 Ford F 150 Limited. The insanely roomy passenger cab is so plush, spacious and comfy you won’t believe you are sitting in the back seat of a pick-up truck. Seats in the passenger cab flip up easily to reveal a full size storage compartment and that’s in addition to the flatbed. Both cabs easily accommodate the big guys so pack’em in boards and all. With a Twin Panel Moonroof it’s like driving the Pacific Rim forest in a fish bowl surrounded by ocean and giant Sitka spruce trees. Now crank up some surf stoke music on the F150 Limited’s sound system, a sure-fire way to get in the mood for an epic surf session. One of our favorite features on the F150 Limited is the step down platform that automatically drops down/folds up when a door is opened. Girls, kids and even Grandma might need a boost into this big bad ride. A big thank you to Ford for designing this feature with surfers in mind. ..front seat massages! Just in case those paddling muscles are in knots, both driver and front seat passenger can enjoy a soothing massage with adjustable settings.

Whether your adventure ride is long distance or short, both comfort and fuel consumption are key. The 35L V6 EcoBoost is not just good on fuel, it’s great! The Ford pick-up has come a long way baby. Thank you Ford for the F150 Limited, the ultimate ride for adventure lovers.

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