A Mazda Canada 150 Road Trip!

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Canada 150 than to hit the road in a 2017 Mazda 6 with our kids to explore BC’s bounty. They don’t call our province “beautiful BC” for nothing! The west is the best with much to discover.


Some advice for travellers:

Lake Time: No matter where the journey takes you…make sure your road trip includes lake time especially in the heat of summer. It’s so refreshing! Mazda 2Pit Stops: Make spotting Canadian roadside attractions a family affair. Be sure to have your camera on hand

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Heritage and History: You can’t road trip right past some of the best heritage sights in BC and not stop and learn a little bit more about our history here in the west.

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Find Hidden Gems: You’d be surprised at all the hidden gems waiting to be discovered in Western Canada and we only made a small dent. From natural hot springs to miles of lava beds and waterfalls…Canada rocks!

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Play Outdoors: No matter where the journey takes you, make time to get out in nature and stretch those legs. Pack along      a few necessities like hiking boots and fishing poles so you are ready when the moment presents itself. Take the road less travelled and participate in your surroundings.


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Life is a highway so ride it! Start mapping your own Canada 150 road trip! Zoom Zoom!

You know it’s been a good road trip when…


Our favourite Mazda 6 features:

Advanced keyless entry system:  You don’t need your keys on hand to get in and out of the car…it remembers for you. Perfect for people who love to make frequent pit stops.

Fuel efficiency: A road trip that’s affordable? Yes please! You’ll love the gas mileage of the 2017 Mazda 6, we sure did!  

Active Driving Display/ traffic sign recognition: There is a small window display at the driver’s eye level that keeps alert, within the speed limit and safe. We absolutely LOVE this feature!

Centre console controls: Easy access to all the driver controls right where you want them, at your finger tips.

Seat position memory: When you switch drivers on a regular basis, the seat position memory feature remembers so you don’t have to readjust your seat every time…the Mazda 6 does it for you!

Smooth and quiet to drive: Smooth sailing, When you just want to relax and soak up the views from the driver or passenger seats, it makes the road trip that much more enjoyable when it’s smooth sailing.

Follow the road less travelled and make your own Canada 150 adventures!


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