Time to Lose the Razor Ladies!

It’s 2018 and I am thankful that we earth women no longer prance around in loin cloths waiting for our hairy partners to hunt and gather while we tend to our family duties. It’s 2018 and we take pride in our personal grooming.  Duties are now thankfully evenly distributed (mostly) and technology has advanced beyond our wildest dreams. So hear me loud and clear girlfriends. We have surrendered to the hassle of shaving long enough.  Today we can bid farewell to unwanted hair …for good! Goodbye stubborn razor burns and ugly ingrown bikini lines and hello smooth, sexy skin.

Now that we are onboard with getting rid of unwanted hair, how do we do it?  Choose a quick, effective, reputable, pain-free technology from a trusted source like Pure Light Laser.  They are masters of skin care. My first Pure Light Laser  hair removal session was soothing, painless and quick… just the opposite of what I envisioned.  Rita Moldovanos at Pure Light Laser uses the Palomar Starlux 500, an advanced laser machine designed for all skin types.  Thankfully, the chiller reduces pain by 80% making the overall experience truly pain-free.

Canadian women are built tough. We are strong, gutsy and ready for anything. Let’s face it though… our winters are long, dark and cold so time to start planning a getaway for body and soul to warmer climates. Get in and see Rita at Pure Light Laser soon as you will need to allow for 6 to 8 sessions for the full results to take effect.  Incredible however that since my first laser hair removal session only a few hairs have actually grown back! Join me and make this the year you let technology take control of your unwanted hair.

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