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Monsters of Schlock break world record at Fright Nights

MONSTERS OF SCHLOCK COMPLETE WORLD RECORD-BREAKING STUNT AT FRIGHT NIGHTS AT PLAYLAND Crazy daredevils, Canada’s Monsters of Schlock, break another Guinness World Record at Playland Fright Nights on October 26. Pain hath no fury for these guys, this is the 22 attempt at such pain staking acts of insanity. No surprise really that they choose Playland over and over for the spectacle of their stunts. Burnaby Q. Orbax set the World Record for the most motorcycles driven over a human body whilst laying on a bed of nails in under two minutes. The previous world record was held by Simone Calati from Italy. In 2009, The Monsters of Schlock set a Guinness World Record for most mousetraps released on a human tongue in one minute, and in 2011 they successfully broke the Guinness World Record for longest truck pull with meat hooks in a person’s back, pulling a four-tonne truck a total of 111.7 meters. Then, once again in 2013, the Monsters broke another Guinness World Record for weightlifting using... ...

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Our Top 10 Outdoorsy Halloween Costumes

BOO! Halloween Eve is fast approaching and if you have yet to nail down your spirit wear, we are laying down our top outdoorsy costume choices of all time. Get crafty and add your own flair to any of our suggestions. Hashtag #AdventureOn and #PlayOutdoors on Instagram and show your love for the great outdoors! Happy Halloween 1. Sasquatch 2. A lost Hiker (a la WILD) 3. Lumberjack 4. Bobledder (Don’t forget the spandex!) 5. 80’s Skier 6. Grizzly Bear 7. Zombie Snowboarder or Mountain Biker 8. Hippie Tree Hugger 9. Forest Gnome 10. Forest Ranger   ...

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See you at the ROAM Winter Expo!

Need some winter inspiration? Join us at the ROAM Winter Expo! Stephanie Florian will be hosting the Adventure Travel Stage at the new ROAM Winter Expo  October 17 & 18 Vancouver Convention Centre The first of its kind in Vancouver, ROAM will bring together exhibitors from premiere tourist destinations, experiential tour companies, snow sport outfitters, health and fitness experts and more under “The Sails” at the world class Vancouver Convention Centre to help inspire you to enjoy winter activities and adventures. ROAM will feature three unique marketplaces: Winter Adventure, Travel, Fitness and Lifestyle. By combining these three elements, ROAM will bring a unique experience to anyone looking for enlivening ways to spend the low sun months. Shop the trends in winter gear, explore exciting travel destinations and connect with industry professionals to help beat the winter blues. Don’t miss the Oktoberfest Craft Tent featuring the best local craft beers, free fitness classes on the show floor with yoga sessions from a lululemon ambassador, and the Burton Riglet Kids Zone to ensure the whole... ...

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Family Adventure: A night in the wild at the GV Zoo

Calling all wildlife fans looking for a family adventure! Join us at the Greater Vancouver Zoo, just a forty-minute drive to Aldergrove. Arriving at the gates just shy of closing, the anticipation and excitement builds. Smack in the middle of the zoo is a large park-like setting next to a pond complete with gazebos, fire pits and even port-o-lets. Nothing compares to the thrill of pitching a tent under the stars kitty-corner to a Siberian Tiger, a couple of playful baboons and a stealth jaguar. Just knowing the lions, tigers and bears are in close proximity ups the adventure ante plenty. After setting up camp, getting settled and meeting our camping neighbors we head off on a private exploration. Zoo grounds cover a large area so you will get your fill of fresh air, nature and exercise. Note to parents: DO bring bikes or scooters for the kids if possible. The trails are paved. Although you can rent a quad cycle onsite, children old enough to pedal or push themselves... ...

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Raw and Unfiltered: My 30 Day Yoga Breakthrough

Join me for the next thirty days as I adventure within. My intention is to share with you the raw, unfiltered truth of a 30 Day Yoga Challenge including any physical, emotional and spiritual discoveries along the way. October is one of my least favourite months. Dark and gloomy, dull and depressing, something inside of me dies when summer ends and darkness descends.  Not this year, not this October, not now. For the next thirty days I will adventure within. I will leave the comfort of the great outdoors and trade it for the indoors, for my mat and for a warm, safe, studio setting.  I  only wish I had zero expectations attached to this experience. The truth is, my expectations are huge. I want it all; personal growth, renewal, change, transformation….in only thirty days of course. Maybe that’s why it is called a yoga challenge. If you have seen the 30 Day Challenge signage at your own studio, reacted with curiosity yet never took part, we are on the same page. Tune in daily. My intention is nothing... ...

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