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The Commandments of Après Ski

In the good old days, skiers coined the term après that time of day when one had earned the right to indulge and share their passion for powder and sport. Resort towns like Whistler can trace the inception of après culture back to hippy ski-bum days circa 1967. Today, it is a globally recognized social phenomenon and universal celebration that takes place after sport. Clearly, certain things have evolved over the years but the core elements are consistent. It isn’t a full ski or sports day without après. Establishments like craft breweries and upscale restaurants capitalize on the continuous popularity and expansion of this cool sporting culture but overlook the basics. It’s not the atmosphere or the menu that make for great après but the following ingredients. Cause for celebration: The core vibe of après is a celebration. Traditions may vary but the term itself is universally understood. Après is permission to party, to let your hair-down, raise a glass and celebrate the fact that you have conquered another epic... ...

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Christmas Adventures: Peak of Christmas

Did I go to Grouse Mountain or step into a scene of a Christmas movie, that was the question I kept asking myself as I wandered through the Peak of Christmas. Whoever did the decorations for this, nailed it. As if the scenery up on Grouse Mountain isn’t amazing enough, the Peak of Christmas took it to a whole other level. It really looked like a scene of North Pole straight out of a movie. By far my favourite part was the Light Walk. I’m going to try to describe it but this does not even do it justice, it’s really something you just have to see for yourself. They decorated a path with all white lights. It was like walking through an enchanted forest. In some areas the lights were scattered and simple and in others you were surrounded by nothing but white lights. The tunnel made out of lights at the beginning is so beautiful that my friend was convinced it will be a marriage proposal hotspot –... ...

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Nov 12, 2013 0

Y2Play Pass Holders SAVE NOW!

Are you aY2Play Pass holder like me? You’ve got until November 30 to enjoy a sweet deal on all Snowboard and Ski Camps at Grouse Mountain if you are! I was lucky enough to win my Y2Play pass in the Golden Ticket contest. Check out my video entry and let’s all pray Grouse comes up with another stellar contest as good as this one was for next season. In the meantime, book before November 30 and SAVE 20% on all camps. Click HERE to book now. See you up Grouse, Steph ...

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Breathe – Fresh Mountain Air!

When you put Yyoga on top of Grouse Mountain what do you get? An outdoor adventure tossed salad you must to treat yourself to this summer! If you missed it last year – it’s back….every Saturday morning. Get up and crank yourself with java – and get to the top of the Grind for the FREE 45 minute Yyoga class starting at 10am. There is nothing quite like starting your summer morning with FREE yoga on top of a mountain after charging your bootie 2.9 kms up the 30 degree vertical ascent. No need to bring a mat –Kat and Heather from Yyoga will hook you up and Grouse will spoil you with the rest. Class starts at 10am. Bring your camera and water and if you really must tram it up instead of grinding before the class – you can. But instead, double your fun and double your adventure by grinding your way up first. See you Saturdays on Grouse for a FREE outdoor YYoga class now through August... ...

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