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Breathe – Fresh Mountain Air!

When you put Yyoga on top of Grouse Mountain what do you get? An outdoor adventure tossed salad you must to treat yourself to this summer! If you missed it last year – it’s back….every Saturday morning. Get up and crank yourself with java – and get to the top of the Grind for the FREE 45 minute Yyoga class starting at 10am. There is nothing quite like starting your summer morning with FREE yoga on top of a mountain after charging your bootie 2.9 kms up the 30 degree vertical ascent. No need to bring a mat –Kat and Heather from Yyoga will hook you up and Grouse will spoil you with the rest. Class starts at 10am. Bring your camera and water and if you really must tram it up instead of grinding before the class – you can. But instead, double your fun and double your adventure by grinding your way up first. See you Saturdays on Grouse for a FREE outdoor YYoga class now through August... ...

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