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Peace, Love and Luon

Imagine a sea of love, luon and beautiful people sharing a special four day experience in  epic locales like O’ahu, Stratton, Aspen, Squaw Valley, Whistler and Tremblant to name a few. When you commit to the Wanderlust experience and then spend the time to carefully plan your busy festival schedule you will want to invest the same amount of energy into choosing what to pack and what to wear on this transformative journey.  Now is the time to freshen up your Lululemon quiver in time for summer and festival season. Lululemon’s savvy designs are created with the nomadic yogi and fitness fiend in mind.  Less is always more. As a fitness journalist and reporter, the less I schlep on my adventures the better. That being said, I expect my fitness gear to make a statement. I don’t know about you, but I pack pieces that offer interchangeable wardrobe options that cross over for a variety of different sports and activities. There is a lot to be said for travelling light,... ...

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Minx Moccasin – Your Apres Adventure Best Friend

The UGG boot may finally have some stiff competition. I hate to compare but if you live anywhere with more than one season, you may be throwing your UGG boots out with the bath water. I consider the Columbia Sportswear Company Minx Moccasin (I chose the Elk colour option) my new favourite go-everywhere winter boot. It’s cool, colorful, technical and oh so comfy! Imagine wearing your favorite puffy jacket on your feet….seriously. The Columbia Sportswear Company Minx Moccasin boot feels as soft and plush as my Powerfly down jacket and is completely lined from toe to cuff in Columbia’s state of the art Omni Heat System. It wasn’t until last season that I became totally obsessed with Omni Heat and its thermal reflective technology. Truly nothing I have tested quite compares to the warmth and comfort factor of these tiny silver beads of brilliance. They self regulate and act as an insulation system that adjusts accordingly, based on your internal temperature. In Vancouver, the weather is like hair. You never... ...

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Oct 11, 2013 0

You Can Be My Hero3

  Nothing beats a sporty life filled with adventure. Wrong. Nothing beats a sporty life filled with adventure with a GoPro. It’s the easiest most advanced way to capture, edit, flaunt, share and relive your latest and greatest adventures. For those of us who shy away from advanced technology, GoPro is simple to use, versatile and fun. Once you’ve made the decision to make a small investment in the hottest specialty camera on the market, the next step is to decide which edition to purchase.  Consider how you will use the camera, how much you want to spend and in what elements to plan to shoot.  The Hero3 comes in 3 editions, White, Silver and Black. White is the most basic and inexpensive while Black offers the professional quality and extensive options for extreme sports shooting. Let’s zoom in on the GoPro HERO 3 Silver Edition which retails for approximately $299.  The Silver Edition comes complete with waterproof housing, rechargeable Li-ion battery, QR buckle, J-Hook buckle, 3-way pivot, 1 curved and 1 flat... ...

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Keen Revel

Although the snowshoe season is still going strong, I’ve given myself a few months to properly test and review the KEEN Revel Winter Hiking Boot.  They still look and feel brand new after months of wear and abuse. I have owned too many different brands of snowshoe/hiking boots to list and I can honestly say that none of them can compare to the comfort level of the KEEN Revel. It’s like wearing cushions that mold and form perfectly to your foot while trapping warm air inside with a unique charcoal bamboo warming material. In technical terms, it’s the warm Trapolater underfoot insulation system and ice-traction outsole that really give the boot a five-star performance rating in warmth, traction and breathability. Having trekked through all kinds of different snow conditions here in the Vancouver area – there was never a moment when the boot was damp or moist thanks to KEEN.DRY technology. The KEEN Revel is a winner as far as I’m concerned in keeping the elements where they belong –... ...

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