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Play Outdoors End of Summer Bucket List

Saddened by the thought of our 2016 season in the sun coming to an official end this September 22? Milk summer for every last ray of sunshine. You’ve got less than 30 days to give these activities a try before a long cycle of dark, cold, wet days follow. Oh joy! Spend a day on the water No summer is complete without a day on the water and BC residents have countless options. Here are a few suggestions should you need inspiration. Inflatables: Get your summer vibe on with an adult floaty. From single inner tubes, to party islands, trampolines and Sea-Doos, the more the merrier when it comes to enjoying a day on an inflatable. Rent a watercraft: Nothing says summer like a day on the water with friends. If you are not fortunate enough to have a friend with a motorized boat, rent one. Starting at $40 an hour, anyone can rent a boat. Granville Island has a number of rental companies on the dock. Sleep Outdoors Summer... ...

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Surf-In Surf-Out – A Swell Convenience

Whether you are a seasoned weekend wave-warrior or a newbie braving your bucket list, surfing is a sport that everyone must try at least once in a lifetime. The West Coast of Vancouver Island boasts some of the best beaches and surf breaks in the country. Tofino, BC is a famous cold water paradise and home to surf-in-surf-out Pacific Sands Beach Resort …the best in beach bliss. Since the 60’s, catching waves has been considered not just cool but a sub-culture. Secondly, it’s a rush. Surfing is much harder than it looks to master and thus, humbling. So, let go of the outcome and really enjoy the ride. If you are ever to succeed in catching your first wave you must be open, brave and willing to laugh at your own failures, which are a big part of learning to surf. The bails and wipeouts are all part of the fun. Plan a get-away this summer and indulge. Treat yourself and your soul to a seaside escape for some well deserved “Tofino... ...

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Finding stillness glamping at Wya Point Resort

Life can feel like a treadmill. The daily grind of everyday living in the big city can take a toll on our spirits, especially near the tail end of winter. Take the time to check out of the work-life hustle and to check inward. Make a date with yourself to leap off the treadmill, to regroup and recharge. Camping is the ideal way to push the reset button, although the unpredictable west coast weather is not for everyone, not even the most adventuresome. Eco resorts like Wya Point in Ucluelet on Vancouver Island offer a dazzling alternative. It’s called glamping, AKA glamorous camping. A soul-filled getaway to Wya Point Resort on the edge of the Pacific Rim is both character building and raw. We made the trip in a new 2016 Platinum Ford Explorer, the ultimate storm trooper and perfect west coast road companion. Storm watching on the west coast of Vancouver Island and glamping in a yurt requires a fair amount of gear and the Explorer is roomy enough... ...

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Thelma and Louise go rafting

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Thelma and Lousie (AKA media warriors Steph Florian and Laurie Logan) hit the road on a rafting playcation in the new 2015 Ford Focus. About a two hour drive to Yale, BC deep into Sasquatch Country – Steph and Laurie are not only adventure loving tree huggers, keen on saving the planet but they love Ford Focus features like the Eco Boost and fuel economy. Zippy and fun, the ride to Yale was an adventure in itself. It wasn’t until we settled into The Teague House B&B onsite at Fraser River Raft Expeditions that we learned firsthand from owners Darwin and Sue that the house was an original BC built home, The Teague Family is said to still live in the house and stands now more like a museum than a traditional Bed and Breakfast. With over ten significant ghost sightings, Steph, Laurie and Camera guy Rob decide to chicken out and snuggle up together to shake off the spooks. Fraser River Raft Expeditions takes... ...

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Nov 15, 2013 3


Mahony & Sons presents Mainstream- Last First Rowing the Northwest Passage EVENT REVIEW Can global warming, Gortex, and the GPS be thanked for the much improved success rate of present day explorers? Circa 1845 Captain Sir John Franklin only needed wool gloves, 5o pounds of chocolate and a ship to embark on his doomed arctic expedition to the Northwest Passage.  Thanks to modern day gear, corporate funding and role models like the four men from MAINSTREAM Last First, today’s explorers have higher hopes for success. Packing a full house at Centennial Theatre, the Vancouver area audience shared in the adventures, tales and video footage from what could have been another ill-fated journey through arctic waters.  Hosted by team members Paul Gleeson, Kevin Vallely and Denis Barnett (Frank Wolf was absent), the audience savoured a taste of their icy mission first hand. Fifty grand in and already mentally invested, they mapped out a plan to conquer the Northwest Passage by rowboat, knowing they may never come home alive.  After almost sixty sponsorship... ...

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Queen of the Peak Results are IN!

2013 Queen of the Peak title goes to: Leah Oke – Longboard Queen Cath Bruhwiler – Shortboard Queen Not surprising to see a Bruhwiler take home the title – runs in the family! Local ladies ripped cold water swell this past weekend competing for the ultimate surf title. The 22013 ‘Queen of The Peak’ surf competition created by Surf Sister and Shelter Restaurant in support of Keep a Breast Canada aka ‘Boobies’ showcases the amazing talent surfing our waters right here on the west coast. The competition is as girly as it gets, complete with female friendly services like child minding, massage and dog sitting – get out there and celebrate surf -life balance for women. If you couldn’t make the trip to Tofino – hopefully Vancouver surfers were onboard the live stream! Sponsors like Billabong and the Wickaninnish Inn host the annual competition that includes yoga classes, an awards party, shopping and surf flicks. For 2013 results visit Ladies and gents…cold water surf is calling! Book a cabin fever getaway to Tofino and make that winter surf trip a reality! ...

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Jun 30, 2013 0

Release Your Inner Water Warrior

Stand up paddle yoga is fun, fluid and a little challenging. Nothing beats a backdrop like Vancouver and thank buddha the water is warm. Stand Up Paddle Vancouver has designed some ingenious anchors…so you won’t float into the great big sea while you’re having a zen moment in bridge pose starring at cloud puffs and mountain peaks. Kristy Wright holds her class Wednesday nights at 6pm but she also caters to corporate groups, bachelorettes or die hards who want to practice SUP yoga whenever. She’s a phone call away. They bring all the gear you need and it is recommended that you do take a Learn to SUP program before you take your practice to the board. Book a class online and get all the upcoming workshop dates at ...

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