Nov 15, 2013 3


Mahony & Sons presents Mainstream- Last First Rowing the Northwest Passage EVENT REVIEW Can global warming, Gortex, and the GPS be thanked for the much improved success rate of present day explorers? Circa 1845 Captain Sir John Franklin only needed wool gloves, 5o pounds of chocolate and a ship to embark on his doomed arctic expedition to the Northwest Passage.  Thanks to modern day gear, corporate funding and role models like the four men from MAINSTREAM Last First, today’s explorers have higher hopes for success. Packing a full house at Centennial Theatre, the Vancouver area audience shared in the adventures, tales and video footage from what could have been another ill-fated journey through arctic waters.  Hosted by team members Paul Gleeson, Kevin Vallely and Denis Barnett (Frank Wolf was absent), the audience savoured a taste of their icy mission first hand. Fifty grand in and already mentally invested, they mapped out a plan to conquer the Northwest Passage by rowboat, knowing they may never come home alive.  After almost sixty sponsorship... ...

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Nov 12, 2013 0

Y2Play Pass Holders SAVE NOW!

Are you aY2Play Pass holder like me? You’ve got until November 30 to enjoy a sweet deal on all Snowboard and Ski Camps at Grouse Mountain if you are! I was lucky enough to win my Y2Play pass in the Golden Ticket contest. Check out my video entry and let’s all pray Grouse comes up with another stellar contest as good as this one was for next season. In the meantime, book before November 30 and SAVE 20% on all camps. Click HERE to book now. See you up Grouse, Steph ...

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Oct 11, 2013 0

You Can Be My Hero3

  Nothing beats a sporty life filled with adventure. Wrong. Nothing beats a sporty life filled with adventure with a GoPro. It’s the easiest most advanced way to capture, edit, flaunt, share and relive your latest and greatest adventures. For those of us who shy away from advanced technology, GoPro is simple to use, versatile and fun. Once you’ve made the decision to make a small investment in the hottest specialty camera on the market, the next step is to decide which edition to purchase.  Consider how you will use the camera, how much you want to spend and in what elements to plan to shoot.  The Hero3 comes in 3 editions, White, Silver and Black. White is the most basic and inexpensive while Black offers the professional quality and extensive options for extreme sports shooting. Let’s zoom in on the GoPro HERO 3 Silver Edition which retails for approximately $299.  The Silver Edition comes complete with waterproof housing, rechargeable Li-ion battery, QR buckle, J-Hook buckle, 3-way pivot, 1 curved and 1 flat... ...

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Sep 22, 2013 0


September 21, 2013 The first annual Woman2Warrior obstacle adventure race in support of Easter Seals took place on September 21, 2013. With girl power galore and high female energy buzzing Swanguard Stadium, it seemed like Vancouver ladies have been waiting for a race like this for a while. Over 250 participants stretched and squealed waiting for their heat. Five km and 12 obstacles later, if the hunky firefighters couldn’t motivate you to just do it, nothing could.  There was no shortage of booty shorts and tutus, as the ladies of Vancouver made a bold statement and a lot of money – in support of a great cause reaching over 106K in the first year. The best part – joining women as they team together their strength, determination and free spirit. The finishers area was impressive, complete with mimosas and tons of samples and treats. Plan your team now for 2014 ...

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