Van Doren Invitational results are in!



Vancouver’s Adam Hopkins made it to the finals, placing 5th overall in the contest out of 21 skateboarders.
To cap off the action packed event, 22 year old Dalton Dern from Orlando, Florida made his mark when he conquered the infamous Hastings transfer, a trick that has never been landed before at the Hastings Skatepark, earning him a quick $1500 cash prize. You can watch the trick HERE.
  1. Alex Sorgente, Lake Worth FL (Age 17) –  $15,000 prize
  2. Cory Juneau, San Diego CA (Age 16) – $12,500 prize
  3. Brad McClain, Livermore (Age 24) – $10,000 prize
  4. Nolan Munroe, Rindge USA (Age 22) – $7500 prize
  5. Adam Hopkins, Vancouver, BC (Age 25) – $5000 prize
  6. Tristan Rennie, Rialto, CA (Age 17) – $4000 prize
Watch clips from the Finals HERE

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